France 1906 French Grand Prix
1906 Grand Prix season
Date 26 and 27 June 1906
Official name 9e Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France
Location Le Mans, France
Distance 12 laps, 1,238.16 km (769.36 mi)
Fastest Lap
Driver France Paul Baras (Brasier)
Time 52:25.4 on lap 1
First Hungary Ferenc Szisz (Renault)
Second Italy Felice Nazzaro (FIAT)
Third France Albert Clément (Clément-Bayard)

The 1906 Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France, commonly known as the 1906 French Grand Prix, was a motor race held on 26 and 27 June 1906, on closed public roads outside the city of Le Mans. Lasting for more than 12 hours overall, the race was won by Ferenc Szisz driving for the Renault team. FIAT driver Felice Nazzaro finished second, and Albert Clément was third in a Clément-Bayard.

Despite being the second to carry the title, the race has become known as the first Grand Prix. The success of the 1906 French Grand Prix prompted the ACF to run the Grand Prix again the following year, and the German automobile industry to organise the Kaiserpreis, the forerunner to the German Grand Prix, in 1907.



Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired
1 3A Hungary Ferenc Szisz Renault 12 12:14:07.4
2 2B Italy Felice Nazzaro FIAT 12 +32:19.4
3 13A France Albert Clément Clément-Bayard 12 +35:39.2
4 5B France Jules Barillier Brasier 12 +1:38:53.0
5 2A Italy Vincenzo Lancia FIAT 12 +2:08:04.0
6 10A United States George Heath Panhard 12 +2:33:38.4
7 5A France Paul Baras Brasier 12 +3:01:43.0
8 1C Belgium Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich 12 +3:11:54.6
9 5C France "Pierry" Brasier 12 +4:01:00.6
10 6A Belgium Camille Jenatzy
United Kingdom "Burton"
Mercedes 12 +4:04:35.8
11 6B France "Mariaux" Mercedes 12 +4:34:44.4
Ret 1B France Henri Rougier Lorraine-Dietrich 10 Punctures
Ret 3C France Claude Richez Renault 8 Accident
Ret 12C United States Elliott Shepard Hotchkiss 7 Wheel
Ret 4A France Victor Hémery Darracq 7 Engine
Ret 7A France Louis Rigolly Gobron-Brillié 7 Radiator
Ret 10C France Georges Teste Panhard 6 Accident
Ret 3B France J. Edmond Renault 5 Driver injury
Ret 2C Germany Aldo Weilschott FIAT 5 Accident
Ret 6C Italy Vincenzo Florio Mercedes 5 Wheels
Ret 13B France A. Villemain Clément-Bayard 4 Wheels
Ret 12A France Hubert Le Blon Hotchkiss 4 Wheel
Ret 10B France Henri Tart Panhard 4 Suspension
Ret 13C France "De la Touloubre" Clément-Bayard 3 Gearbox
Ret 12B France Jacques Salleron Hotchkiss 2 Accident
Ret 4B France Louis Wagner Darracq 2 Engine
Ret 8A Italy Alessandro Cagno Itala 2 Radiator
Ret 8C Belgium Pierre de Caters Itala 1 Wheel
Ret 1A France Fernand Gabriel Lorraine-Dietrich 0 Radius rod
Ret 8B France Maurice Fabry Itala 0 Accident
Ret 9B France Xavier Civelli de Bosch Grégoire 0 Radiator
Ret 4C France René Hanriot Darracq 0 Engine
DNS 9A France Philippe Tavenaux Grégoire Non-starter
DNS 11A France Marius Barriaux Vulpes Car overweight


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